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ASWAS screenshot
Partners in Parenting in Austin, TX (screenshot)
Bonn Baby
Bonn Baby in Bonn, Germany (screenshot)
Boyer Center
Boyer Center in Seattle, WA (screenshot)
Seattle Family of Multiples
Seattle Family of Multiples (screenshot)
Leader Training for PIP
Leader Training with the PIP group from Austin Texas
Leader Training for SFOM
Leader training with the group from Seattle Family of Multiples
Leader Training
Leader training - full group from PIP and SFOM
25px Spacer
25 pixel wide spacer image
PEPS Expansion Pilot Program
Video slide of PEPS Expansion Pilot Program
Harry Hoffman
We were saddened to hear that former PEPS Executive Director Harry Hoffman passed away in June 2014. Harry served as the Executive Director for PEPS from 2006 – 2009, and during that time, his tireless efforts helped to stabilize the organization.

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