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Flexible Pricing

Why are we introducing Flexible Pricing?

PEPS is a community-driven nonprofit organization committed to ensuring all new parents have equitable opportunities to participate in our parent support programs.  We recognize that families have different abilities to pay. By introducing Flexible Pricing to all new participants, PEPS aims to:

  • Make our programs and services accessible to every family who wants to participate
  • Offer program fee choices that best suit each family’s needs
  • Provide financial assistance that is available to all PEPS families

How does it work?

We offer four program fee options for PEPS Groups starting on July 1, 2019 onwards.  These options allow families to choose the amount that works best for them.  The Flexible Pricing model allows us to keep our program fees accessible and offers families an opportunity to pay it forward, if they are financially able, which in turn will assist in increasing the number of families who can participate.

PEPS is funded in part by the program fees we charge, comprising approximately 30% of our annual budget.  The remaining 70% of the budget consists of donations by individuals, foundations and partner businesses.  We currently do not receive any government funding.

Just as everybody's financial situation is unique, so is the program fee choice that will feel right for your family.  Your Flexible Pricing choice is always kept confidential and does not affect the quality of your experience. If your financial situation is more complex, additional financial assistance is available. Choose the fee that is most appropriate for your family.

Flexible Pricing Explained

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