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PEPS parent support programs educate, inform and create community, a vital resource for new moms & new dads in the Seattle area, with parent groups serving thousands of families annually.

Protective Factors

Welcome to PEPS. Share the Parenting Adventure.

Since 1983, the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS), a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization has helped parents connect and grow as they begin their journey into parenthood. PEPS parent support programs educate, inform and create community. We've become a vital resource for new mothers and new fathers in the Puget Sound region, with parent groups serving thousands of families annually.

Each session of 12 weekly PEPS meetings brings parents together to share the joys and challenges of parenthood, and develop confidence in their own abilities. PEPS stands apart from other new moms groups or dad support groups by providing ongoing neighborhood-based resources and peer education, facilitated by trained volunteers. During one of the most vulnerable periods for new parents, PEPS provides immediate and accessible support, creating "extended families" that often last a lifetime.

A Community Connecting Parents

Over and over again, parents tell us “PEPS saved my life!” and “I wouldn’t have made it without my PEPS Group.” PEPS is recognized as a universal preventative model which means we help new parents anticipate challenges, and proactively provide support and information to equip them with a strong foundation of parenting skills. At the conclusion of their groups, PEPS parents say they feel more connected, confident, competent, knowledgeable and supported.



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Enable parents of infants and young children to build communities that empower them to meet the challenges of parenting through mutual support and sharing of information.

Create communities in which:
  • No new parent feels isolated, ill-equipped, or unsupported.
  • All parents develop the confidence to build strong, healthy families.
  • All children grow up in a social environment that allows them to thrive.

From Our Families

"Not only did I learn how to create an environment for peer support, I gained deep appreciation for the roles as well as the variety and volume of work that board members do to support and empower the nonprofit sector."

Cara Lewis, a PEPS Participant and Board Member (2006-08)

Values: these enduring principles guide our actions, interactions and decision making

  • Community: We are passionate about and promote the role of community in creating and sustaining strong, healthy families. Most groups are lead by volunteers dedicated to supporting families in their own neighborhood communities.

  • Peer-Support: We abide by the philosophy that parents are experts and are uniquely qualified to support each other in addressing the challenges of early parenthood.

  • Respect: We foster a culture that is respectful and inclusive of all people and families and diverse ideas and values.

  • Quality: We deliver outstanding parenting programs and exceptional service to all PEPS participants and partners.

  • Integrity: We are trustworthy, honest, fair, and ethical.

  • Stewardship: We preserve and enhance the organization's financial, human and physical resources.

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